How can I hide ALL of my info on facebook from the public?

Answer it's not just a single quick setting to change, you have to go thru all the parts of your profile and use the audience selectors to make things privatemost of it is explained here Read More »

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How to hide my Facebook wall completely from the public?

UGH i am having that EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!! and the other answers are talking about the old facebook!!! I'm still trying to figure it out. if i do i will come back and edit my answer and tell you wh... Read More »

Problem with having to show my facebook (update info) to public?

Click the Edit (Update Info) button at the top of your profile (timeline). Find the section you want to edit and use the audience selector to pick who can see each piece of information. To change t... Read More »

How to Hide a WordPress Blog From the Public?

WordPress is a popular blogging platform that you can install on your website and use to blog to the world. There may be times when you want to hide your blog from the public for repairs or for per... Read More »

How to Hide Your Email Address From the Public?

Your email address can easily get bombarded by spam messages and fraud attempts if you do not protect it. These unwanted messages can clock your inbox and make legitimate correspondence harder to l... Read More »