How can I help the crack in my lip heal fast?

Answer lip balm or chap stick

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Coldsore scab on nose.... help! I need this to heal FAST!?

If it's not healing properly, it may be infected in which case you'll need a dose of antibiotics. It's infected if it is continuously weeping fluid, or there's pus, it's turning green or yellow, an... Read More »

Are there any natural remedies to heal a crack in your bottom?

ROFLMCrackOFF!!! hahaha is your crack bleeding? Perhaps you should see a doctor!! How big is this crack? Does it go from Asshole to breakfast time??? Oh you poor thing!!

How fast does a ball need to be going to crack a batting helmet?

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How to heal cuts fast?

You might need a couple of stitches if it's opened. Clean it with peroxide and get to the doctor. I'm worried that you can get an infection if you dont. If it's a gaping cut, you cannot use neosp... Read More »