How can I help or convince my mother to quit smoking?

Answer Appeal to her motherly instincts. I know she very much wants to see you grow up, and to be there for her grandchildren that she'll one day have. I struggled with smoking for years, and it still com... Read More »

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How to Convince a Parent to Quit Smoking?

Kids who live with parents that smoke get high exposures to all the toxins and carcinogens in secondhand smoke. Would you like a healthier family and good role model parents!

Help to Quit Smoking?

I'm probably going to get a lot of thumbs down for this but I found the easiest time I had quitting was when I changed everything. I had just graduated college so I was moving out on my own, chang... Read More »

Can YOU help me to quit Smoking.?

Take a resolution. Think enough is enough. Declare and announce it in a big gathering. Then it becomes binding on you. That is the first step. Throw away the cigarette in front of the announ... Read More »

How to Help a Friend Quit Smoking?

Do you have a particular friend who just cant give up the habit of smoking? Here are some tips on how to hopefully get them to quit, or at least, cut back.