How can I heal this cut?

Answer You must put clay on this wound. It takes away the pain immediately.It's for sale in this brands: Vertargil or Argiletz (green clay) in tubes or as powder. I put it in my vagina, when I have an inf... Read More »

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How can i heal this cut!?

Your mouth heals the fastest out of your whole body so youll be okay in no time!You can try speed up the recovery by rinsing your mouth with salt water after eating and before sleeping! There may b... Read More »

How do I help this heal?

Dab a hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton ball over the wound to disinfect it better. Pat it dry, apply more Neosporin and bandage it to keep moisture, bacteria, and dirt out. You should change the ba... Read More »

How do I heal this cut faster?

Not much you can really do. Don't take NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen) for the pain though, they block the synthesis of what makes your cut close up so it can heal

How to heal and prevent this blister?