How can I heal burn marks on scalps?

Answer Aloe Vera (gel or even straight from the plant) is always good for burns, but being on the scalp, it might be a bit tricky to get to

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How to heal a second grade burn and a fever acquired from the burn!!!!!?

Sounds like he has heat stroke. Heat stroke is a very serious emergency, you need to get him to a hospital right away. He will need IV fluids and treatment for the fever and the burns

How to heal marks on my wrists?

I'm sorry that you're using self harm :( If they haven't broken the skin then they should start to reduce in a few hours! Putting sudocream or some anti-septic cream on will help too! And as for no... Read More »

Does coco butter heal stretch marks?

On One Hand: Cocoa Butter is a Natural MoisturizerCocoa butter has moisturizing abilities and antioxidant properties. In a 2008 article for Alive: Canadian Journal of Health & Nutrition, health and... Read More »

Does baking soda&oatmeal really heal stretch marks?

On One Hand: Fade Stretch MarksStretch marks are scar tissue that forms when the skin is stretched too quickly, usually due to rapid weight gain from pregnancy, bodybuilding or adolescence. Althou... Read More »