How can I have nice breath after eating?

Answer Trident or Orbit gum usually works for me.

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How to Have Nice Smelling Breath?

People can smell your breath more then you think. Keep it smelling nice and fresh!

How to keep my breath smelling nice and fresh all day at school?

90% of the bacteria that makes bad breath comes from the surface of your tongue, even brushing the tongue or using a tongue scraper only masks the problem. i highly recomend getting the orabrush ht... Read More »

I was told by my father that eating **** freshens your breath. is it true?

You wanna hear something REALLY gross? Ask him what a Cleveland Steamer is.

Is eating parsley or chewing coffee beans good for garlic breath?

On One Hand: Herbal RemediesEating herbs high in chlorophyll, including parsley, help freshen breath and neutralize strong odors like garlic. Spirulina, found in many herbal supplements and drinks,... Read More »