How can I have a backup file on Excel in Vista Office?

Answer AutoRecover is not a replacement for regularly saving your files. If you do not save a recovery file after you open it, the file is deleted and any unsaved changes are lost. If you save the recov... Read More »

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Can I use Microsoft Office Backup To Get Excel Back?

Seems strange that you were able to delete Excel from an icon on your desktop!?!Are you running Windows 7?Click on Start and then in the "Search Programs and Files" window type Excel.Does "Micros... Read More »

What is the File Extension for Microsoft Office Excel?

Microsoft Excel file extensions are either .xls or .xlsx, depending on the version of the software. For Microsoft Excel software editions earlier than 2007, the extension is .xls and for Microsoft... Read More »

What is Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler Why won't it open Excel file extensions?

Take your clothes off and try again. Your virtual handle should be easier to reach now. Hope this helped.

How to Read Office 2007 Excel With Office 2003 Suite?

Microsoft provides users of the Office 2007 suite automatic backwards-compatibility with Office files, such as Excel spreadsheets, created in Office 2003. Users of 2003 find themselves unable to re... Read More »