How can I have 2 or more monitors working with one computer at the same time?

Answer Buy a dual dvi or vga video card compatible with your system. You can also buy a usb adapter to hook up additional monitors.

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I have a mpc2000 enterface and studio monitors and computer how do i get mpc to connect with mpc and monitors?

Make sure that you connect 'em with the proper wires! No need to disc installation.Good luck!

Every time I turn my computer on and I start working on it , it turns off unexspectly?

Check your cpu fan and the exhust fan for the computer. if it's a desk top of course. if it's a laptop make sure the vents are clear of dust. tur the laptop on it's side with the vent facing down a... Read More »

Can I use two different monitors for my PC at the same time?

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