How can I go about getting my daugher back that I haven't seen in four years?

Answer Expert AnswersStephanie Tombrello, child passenger safety specialist The answer in almost every case is not until he's at least 13 - and passenger safety organizations such as Safety BeltSafe U.S.A... Read More »

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You want to find your father but hes from France and you havent seen him in ove 12 years how can you do this?

Adeline wrote Chinese Cinderella & Falling Leaves after her stepmother died, to avoid being persecuted. Also, it is believed that you cannot write bad things about a person when they are alive.

My PC is about 6 years old and really slow now. Is there any way of getting back to its old speed?

There are several things you can do to increase the "speed" of your computer. 1) Clean up the disk. Uninstall unneeded programs (especially those that run at startup and/or put something in the sys... Read More »

If you havent seen the usual white raw egg mucous during ovulation this month does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer Not necesarilly. It could just mean you haven't ovulated yet or that you don't have discharge this month. Wait unti you are late for your period and take a home test.

This is the 1st summer in years i havent had a street bike & im bitter. How do i fix that?

tool on that trans am, I'm thinking blower!but seriously there's no substuite for the two wheelers.