How can I give up soft drinks and drink more water?

Answer Dont buy to much have tea or apple juice ...

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How often is it okay to drink soft drinks?

Nope, most Americans have 1-2 cans per DAY....I only have 1 can per month...

Can a hotel charge corkage fee on bottled water and soft drinks?

It sounds ok to me. You have chosen not to use the Hilton's services, so they are going to try to recoup their expenses somehow. Do you go to restaurants and bring your own bottled water and soda? ... Read More »

What happens to your body when you drink water only instead of other drinks?

Water has no calories so you're not ingesting all the crap.

Can you drink soft water?

Soft water has salt added to it. Therefore, people on low sodium diets or people with heart or circulatory problems may not want to drink soft water and should discuss this with a doctor. Otherwise... Read More »