How can I get written proof that my student loan was paid?

Answer Contact your lender immediately, they are the only people who can give you the information you need.And although I am not sure, but after years in the industry I would think your loans in Missouri ... Read More »

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Where do you go to fill out a student loan app on the computer or the best student loan that you can apply for?

First, fill out the FAFSA form. Go to for complete information and access the FAFSA form. Then, go to your college's financial aid office, and ask questions, especially a... Read More »

How Can I Check If My Student Loan Was Paid Off?

Student loans are available from a variety of sources; private loans are offered through banks and federal loans are government issued. The National Student Loan Data System for Students (NSLDS) li... Read More »

Can I Deduct Interest Paid on a Defaulted Student Loan?

Until 2012, the Internal Revenue Service subsidizes some of the cost of most student loans with a deduction on student loan interest. However, just having a student loan does not necessarily qualif... Read More »

Do you know a student loan that pays directly to the student not the school?

It was probably a private loan from your bank. Other options are Sallie Mae and College Loan Corporation. You'll need to ask upfront about their policies.