How can I get votes on 9gag?

Answer Spam sites like this one with your link.~

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Are early votes counted before or after voting day votes in Texas?

According to the Texas Election Code, the early voting ballot board is not required to finish counting early ballots until the seventh day after an election, and the results are not required to be ... Read More »

What is 9gag vs what is reddit?

When does the narwhal Bacon? At midnight ;D Reddit is better just because 9gag steals everything from reddit so might as well go with the real thing rather than a wanna be :p

What age limit should sites like 9gag have?

Sites like 9gag don't need an age limit, they need an IQ limit.

How to upload picture on 9gag?

have you ever liked a post on 9gag? In order to post something you need to have participated in another way first => at least liking/commenting something