How can I get views on YouTube and what am I doing Wrong?

Answer Use chat client programs like yahoo messenger and talk about your videos in chat rooms. This can help big time but don't over do it. Find Sub for sub groups on facebook, because these groups no lon... Read More »

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Youtube and more popularity,what am i doing wrong?

6 Ways to Grow YouTube Subscribers and Your Exposure | Social Media Examiner…

Imovie video not uploading to youtube. What am I doing wrong?

Try this.Scroll over the Share tab in iMovie.Click on Media Browser."Publish" it.Go to Youtube and click upload.Then upload your movie (make sure not to upload the project, which is just your "unsa... Read More »

Do youtube views only count to youtube accounts or does it count to anyone that views the video?

1 count per IP address. YouTube counts sucks big time. There are sites in existence that allow you to spend money to get views. This is what makes the view count pathetic on YouTube. I do not e... Read More »

Why have my youtube views/monetised clicks not yet been calculated if I am a youtube partner?

what makes you so sure you have earned money?People have to click on the ad, not just watch the video for you to get paid, even then you get paid very little, but it does add up.