How can I get this piece of popcorn out of my throat?

Answer This happens to me every time I eat popcorn. There is no kernel stuck in your throat. Your ugula has been scratched. It makes it feel like something is stuck in there. If you keep trying to get it ... Read More »

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Help me! I have a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat!?

You can usually dislodge these kind of things by eating large mouthfuls of bread that tend to sweep it along. Otherwise it will eventually dislodge on its own without harm. Hope that helps.

Throat tattoos is it better to do a little at a time rather than one big piece?

I suppose it would all depend on how well you'd handle the pain. If you can handle it then try get as much as possible done in the first sitting but if not just start with something small and add t... Read More »

Piece of apple skin stuck in my throat?

I agree with your parents, You may even have swallowed while eating the bread.................

Regular Buttered Popcorn Popcorn with Cheese Or Caramel Popcorn Which from this list do u like better?

Regular buttered popcorn. Goodnight Scooter:)