How can I get the motivation I need to start exercising and loose weight?

Answer OMG!i think i can help you =] well im also 16 yrs old and i've always been a heavy child, and i've been gaining pounds and pounds every year. And this January (2009) i was at my all time high, of... Read More »

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Where to start to loose weight HELP?

20 lbs sounds good, don't lose more than that. A good diet/exercise plan would be:Breakfast: Cook 9-grain cereal (from health food store) in water with rolled oats and wheat bran. Make a big pot ... Read More »

Exercising and not losing any weight?

There's a few things that I can think of off the top of my head. But, first off, great job! You seem very committed and should be proud of your lifestyle change!1)You may not be eating ENOUGH. When... Read More »

Why I am gaining weight even though I'm exercising?

You are gaining weight because muscle weighs more than fat and all of the exercise is building more muscle. This is normal. Weight isn't nearly as important as were led to believe, its more about b... Read More »

Is it possible to lose weight without exercising?

Thank God.... someone who spells it the right way (and not "loose"... if I had a dollar for every time I've seen that, I'd be richer than Oprah).Sure.......... you just don't eat. It's the unhealt... Read More »