How can I get the fish smell off my grill pan?

Answer heat the pan slightly, the rub with the inside of a cut lemon, the acid will work the same as vinegar. Don't get it too hot though, as the sugar will caramelize. let cool, then wash normally

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How to Grill Fish?

There are several easy ways to barbecue fish. You do not always need foil paper, or special tools. Cleaning up is fast also, with nothing to toss away, or wash.

How to BBQ or Grill a Whole Fish Without Burning?

ish|grill]] a whole fish without burning it is to use newspaper.

Waht is your favorite fish to grill?

Tilapia fish is fantastic no matter how you prepare it.

How Do I Get a Fish Smell Out of My Car?

A car is like a second home. You eat in it, you clean it, and every once in a while, you invite some of your friends. So just like a home, you want it to smell fresh. When an unwelcome scent arises... Read More »