How can I get rid of this keloid scar or whatever it is on my ear?

Answer uhhh actually [about leas answer] peircings get keloids very commonly. I HAVE HAD A KELOID ON A PIERCING BEFORE...THIS IS WHAT MY DOCTOR AND TATTOO PARLOR TOLD ME TO DO - -get BC aspirin powder and... Read More »

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Keloid Vs. Hypertrophic Scar?

When the body experiences trauma resulting in a wound, a scar occurs as a part of the natural healing process. Unfortunately these scars, for some, can become disfiguring. The two most commonly dis... Read More »

Okay I have a Mac and This Annoying Robot Voice Keeps Talking Whatever I type or whatever site I'm on?

Should be easy to fix- Go to the apple menu (upper left corner of your desktop), select system preferences, then Universal Access, then turn Voice Over OFF. You might have hit Command F5 by accident!

How do i get this limited access off my network or whatever?

Your question makes no sense. Not windows could mean anything. Of course a machine will not connect if you do not have an operating system. You should not have to do anything with an IP, the router... Read More »

You are not better because you are "famous" or whatever. Thoughts on this.?

I completely agree I have thought about this quite a bit, we are all equal we all just have different talents and things we are good at. Abraham Lincon said 'all men are created equal' and that is ... Read More »