How can I get rid of a crook in my neck?

Answer Justin is close with his answer, just needs expanding on.If it's excess lordosis, usually a compensation by the body for bad postural alignment arising from the hip area, you should get it checked ... Read More »

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How to Make Crook-Neck Walking Canes?

There are a wide variety of walking canes available for purchase in stores...but where's the fun in that? Earn bragging rights by showing off the cane you made yourself out of a single piece of woo... Read More »

Where did the surname Crook come from?

According to the House of Names, Crook is an ancient surname that traces back to Viking-Scottish history. Today, Crook has several spelling variations including, but not limited to, Crooke, Cruke, ... Read More »

How to Fakie Crook on a Skateboard?

An awesome vertical trick, the fakie crook, is definitely one worth adding to your repertoire of skateboarding tricks.

Is it possible to show the pages upside down in the monitor screen by "jiggri buggri"(hook or crook)?