If you have sore throat sight fever coughing all the time and it hurts don't want to eat eyes are burning and a cold sore what do i have?

Answer Could be TB or mono, see your doctor.Its most likely a virus, laryngitis. But it could be strep. Doesn't sound like mono but you should get tested anyway, see your doctor asap.

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What is better for a sore throat Hot or Cold?

Sore throats are an acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the lower pharynx. Tonsils and the soft palate may also be inflamed. The main indication of a sore throat is pain when swallowing an... Read More »

What's better for a sore throat, hot or cold?

How and when can you tell whether or not an excruciating sore throat is a cold?

Pls go to a health center/clinic or schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Physician or General Care Practitioner. The ringing in your ears can be tinnitus which can be caused by many other... Read More »

Which are the best sleeping methods when having a cold or sore throat?

I sleep with the fan (not the ceiling fan) blowing in my face. I sleep on my side also because it helps me breathe better. I would put like a breathe strip in my mouth to sooth my throat instead of... Read More »