How can I get pregnant after menopause?

Answer Menopause is the cessation of ovulation and menstrual bleeding. Normally it occurs sometime after the 40th year, most often after 50. For most of history, pregnancy was not possible after menopause... Read More »

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How can you tell if you are pregnant during menopause?

Answer It's usually peri-menopause where your periods can be erratic and that is the time to worry. When you are in full menopause you don't ever have a period. If you don't have periods you can'... Read More »

Can you get pregnant during early menopause?

During early menopause, which is also referred to as peri-menopause, pregnancy is still a possibility. During peri-menopause, ovaries are still releasing eggs occasionally, and a woman could become... Read More »

At what age do you get menopause?

The year following a woman's last period is called perimenopause. Once she has been without a period for a year, she is considered to have gone through menopause. Although it may occur earlier or l... Read More »

Bee Propolis & Menopause?

According to Mayo clinic, menopause is a biological process that signals the end of menstruation and fertility. Reduced levels of estrogen during menopause can bring many discomforts including hot ... Read More »