How can I get past Parental Controls?

Answer Go to the library, wait until you are 18, or buy your own computer.

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How do I get rid of these 'Parental Controls'?

YOU DONT...hardy har harmaybe they get IT and you DON'T

How to Get Around Parental Controls?

So your parents set them up and next thing is to remove them! Works for vista and 7

How to Turn off Parental Controls?

Parental Controls is a new feature introduced in Windows 7. It helps the administrator in limiting the usage of the non-administrator profile. Eg: Keeping children from playing games for a long time.

How do I add parental controls to my computer?

Finding Internet OptionsExit any open programs or windows Click on "My Computer" on the desktop. Double-click the "Control Panel" to open it. Look for the "Internet Options" folder and click it twi... Read More »