How can I get over my addiction in surfing the net?

Answer Get a life.

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How much does 50MB use when surfing the net?

Estimates for web-surfing indicate 1.5 to 25mb for an hour of surfing. So, unless you are frequenting sites with video or other data intensive elements you can expect at least a couple hours for yo... Read More »

When you are surfing the net, what are your top 3 go-to sites?

Yahoo Answers, e-mail, and Environment Canada.

Iz surfing the net nude so bad?

Let's just put it this way, I feel no reason to get dressed just to surf the net. To go to work, yes, but not to do things in the privacy of my own home. "Naked" is how I get comfortable.

How to Know What Waves You Should Be Surfing?

When the expletetives get vulgar, scratch for the horizon, when they are mild, jockey for position but otherwise let the one who was in position have the little wave.