How can I get over my addiction in surfing the net?

Answer Get a life.

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How to Get over a GoSupermodel Addiction?

Ever been a member of GoSupermodel and gotten somehow sucked into the addictive life of being a GoHead? Although for many innocently committed users it can seem like an impossible thing to shake, r... Read More »

How to get over my Chapstick addiction?

Try drinking a small glass of water whenever you get the urge to apply Chapstick. Water will really help to moisten up your lips and get them a lot healthier. Good luck!

How to get over an iced coffee addiction?

Slowly wean yourself off it by staggering down your caffeine intake (this is the main culprit that causes addiction). And because coffee/caffeine is a CNS stimulus drug, shift over to decaf over a ... Read More »

How to Get over Your Addiction to Mountain Dew?

A mountain of DewAddicted to Mountain Dew? Need help? We all know Mountian Dew is good, but drinking it all the time isn't. Here's your answer.