How can I get my slides onto my computer so that they can be printed as photos?

Answer yeah theres an attachment that you can get for a scanner...Ask at a computer electronics store...GOOD LUCK

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I have transferred most of my photos off of my computer onto CDs. How do I transfer the photos from the CDs onto a digital photo frame?

It will mount fine, and the matrix metering will work. However, you'll only be able to manually focus. The D5000 does not have a focusing motor in the body, and the tokina lens has no internal moto... Read More »

Is the quality of printed photos off an iphone as good as printed photos from an average $100 digital camera?

Maybe.How large to you intend to enlarge them?Actually there are very few $100 digital cameras.

Canon power shot A 40 digital camera I have put photos from my camera onto the computer monitor but how do I put the photos onto a disk and what type of disk should I use?

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How to Put 35MM Color Slides onto a Computer?

To load your 35mm slides into your computer, you need to use a device known as a scanner. A scanner--either flatbed or dedicated film/slide--converts analog media, in this case a slide, to a digita... Read More »