How can I get my slides onto my computer so that they can be printed as photos?

Answer yeah theres an attachment that you can get for a scanner...Ask at a computer electronics store...GOOD LUCK

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Is the quality of printed photos off an iphone as good as printed photos from an average $100 digital camera?

Maybe.How large to you intend to enlarge them?Actually there are very few $100 digital cameras.

How do I convert photos and slides to a cd?

Gather EquipmentUse your scanner to produce the best results for converting old slides and film pictures to a digital format. Companies such as Kodak and Nikon make scanners specifically for this ... Read More »

Can you get printed photos off a DVD?

You can usually print photos from a DVD, but it depends on what kind of DVD it is, and what format the images are in. For you to be able to print the photos, your computer needs to recognize the fo... Read More »

Where can i get a lot of digital photos printed really cheeply?

My friend always goes to Asda.They are good.She runs a nursery, so is always taking photos for the kids.