How can I get my school canceled?

Answer My friend swears that if you wear your pajamas backwards you'll have a snowday the next day.But you should just skip. Whats the worst they could do?I had the same thing happen to me last year and t... Read More »

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What was barney canceled?

Some say it was because he said a bad word on live tv and others say because of drugs and others think it was his time ot go.

Why did that 70's show get canceled?

The producers felt it was time to end the run. It concluded with a finale.

Why is FX on Direct TV being canceled?

It's probably the cable company changing your package. In the UK, Virgin media changes the channels offered in its packages periodically. For example - we're about to lose 'Eden' from the package I... Read More »

Is iCarly getting canceled?

ICARLY IS NOT BEING CANCELED!! Dont ever ever say anything mean about icarly...again or else i will visit your nightmares :D Im just kidding but Icarly will probably 10 season or so they are making... Read More »