How can I get my period come faster?

Answer No, there isn't any way to speed it up. But seriously, it's okay to not have it! Periods are no fun at all, so just relax and enjoy not having to worry about it yet!

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How to make your first period come faster?

Consider yourself LUCKY you don't have your period, and enjoy the time without it! TRUST ME!Periods are gross, anoyying and especially painful. You are just a late bloomer and there is no way to ma... Read More »

Can you get your period faster by drinking hot green tea?

No, if that was the case virtually the entire female population of child-bearing age in Britain would be getting their periods early.

How to Run Faster In A Short Period Of Time?

Becoming a faster runner is possible with proper training and dedication. Although you may not become a world-class Olympic sprinter, you can definitely improve your running speed. There are some e... Read More »

Is this true, I heard you can rub a spot on your ankle to make your period come faster?

although i don't know this for sure, but i really think that's not true at all...sounds like a weird old wives doesn't seem logical at all that this would be true! also, why would you wan... Read More »