How can I get my guitar to stop making this odd rattling noise?

Answer Easy fix man !! The action just needs to be rasied slightly. What is happening is called "fret buzz"..the string vibrates or "buzzes" against another fret. Depending on the model of guitar and the ... Read More »

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How to Ask a Colleague to Stop Making So Much Noise?

If you have a noisy work colleague issue, it is likely that you will feel irritable, unsettled or bothered in your daily work routine as the sounds of this person cut into your thinking, phone call... Read More »

How can you stop a vacuum cleaner making a noise?

One answer in not an inexpensive but you can purchase a central vacuum, install it in the garage and place your hose ports in your closets. the only noise you will here is the suction.

How to Stop Crocs From Making Noise?

Crocs, the waterproof, brightly colored clogs covered with distinctive holes, were originally designed to eliminate plantar pain and aching feet, and they are recommended for patients with diabetes... Read More »

How to Make a Hamster Wheel Stop Making Noise?

Due to high levels of wear, hamster wheels can very quickly start making an annoying squeaking noise. This is made worse by the fact that hamsters will not necessarily sleep when the owner does, so... Read More »