How can I get my eyeliner to stop running under my eye?

Answer Mine used to do this until I purchased urban decays eyeshadow primer potion & started setting my eyeliner with a eyeshadow the same color of the eyeliner. The primer potion is a bit expensive but l... Read More »

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How to Apply Powdered Eyeliner Under the Eyes?

Powdered eyeliner is applied under the eyes often to create a more subtle and natural effect than the usual pencil. You can use one of your eyeshadow colors as an eyeliner this way if you have a pr... Read More »

Why does my eyeliner always melts off under my eyes?

There are some makeup items that you really need to spend extra money on. Eyeliner is one of those items. You really need a good quality eyeliner to keep it from running. My absolute favorite is th... Read More »

How do I stop the toilet that keeps running after flushing The flapper is properly seated. The float needs to be pushed down to stop it.?

Answereither bend the arm of the float so it is partially submerged or adjust it with the screw that is attached to the float armature

My toilet will not stop running. How do I stop it?

Cut off its legs? Seriously, check the chain and rubber stopper inside the tank. It's probably just not seating well enough, and allowing water to continuously flow through.