How can I get my computer to stop using PIO mode?

Answer try changing the settings in the BIOS. It's probably set to auto detect the drive at every boot.

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Computer does not go into safe mode when I hold down the F8 key as the computer starts back up (more)?

The moment the computer begins to boot up hold down F8.If you wait for Windows to boot it will be too late.It should beep but ignore it until the option window comes up.It that does not work, than ... Read More »

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How to stop my monitor form going into sleep mode after 8 min on..please help?

you right click on your desktop..and go to properties..then go to screen saver...there should be a button that says on it and then you have a whole bunch of options...change the one th... Read More »

Input signal out of range! even when i click safe mode it still says this, how do i stop it!!!!!!!!?

It sounds like it is trying to make an Internet connection automatically every time you boot up or log on. And if that is happening, it most likely is trying for a specific wireless Access Point t... Read More »