How can I get my accurate body fat percentage?

Answer The most accurate ways would be by using a:Bod Pod, Dexa Scanning or Hydrostatic WeighingThe cheapest way would be by using:Calipers or Tape measuring but it greatly depends on the person applying ... Read More »

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Are body fat scales accurate?

On One Hand: Better than CalipersBody fat scales work by sending a weak electrical current through the user's body. "Good Housekeeping" tested a number of consumer-level body fat scales and compar... Read More »

How long should a glass thermometer be left in the mouth for an accurate oral body temperature?

It can take anywhere from one to 12 minutes to accurately measure oral body temperature using a glass thermometer. Three-minute timing, which is common, can be inaccurate. To be sure, a glass therm... Read More »

How Long Should a Glass Thermometer Be Left in the Mouth for an Accurate Oral Body Temperature?

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Body Fat Percentage?

That depends on how big your ab muscles become. With less fat you will see more abs, so wouldn't it be logically accurate to try to have as less fat as possible. I have 5 percent body fat and the t... Read More »