How can I get more reblogs/followers on Tumblr?

Answer There's a lot of promo blogs out there like that will get you more followers!

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How can I get more followers on tumblr?

Try to stick to only reblogging one kind of thing (funny, serious, horizontal, vertical, etc.) Try to leave personal posts out, or make a seperate blog for that, or delete them at the end of the da... Read More »

How do i get more followers on tumblr?

Just reblog posts that you like, and follow people who post similar things to you - they might follow you back and reblog from you.Also, talk to your followers, and get to know them. They might pro... Read More »

How to get more tumblr followers?

Follow People,Re-blog and Like posts,Comment and reply to posts,Put lots of interesting things on there,Add other pages such as a bio and a question asking page,Link it to other services like twitt... Read More »

How to Get More Followers on Tumblr?

Tumblr is the one of the world wide web's latest phenomena, combining blogging with social networking to produce a melting pot of stunning digital art, breathtaking photographs, thoughtful text pos... Read More »