How can I get more facebook likes on a contest photo Please help me get more!?

Answer tag people in your pic.. if they love it they will like it and share it in different groups..

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Please vote for my baby in facebook photo liking contest?

How About No Go Ask Some Place Else this is Not the Place to Ask For Likes If you Read The Rules Its Not Allowed On here

What do you think when somebody 'likes' your photo on facebook from a year ago?

clearly they are going through your picture albums

How to Run a Photo Contest?

Welcome, this is a how-to guide on the basics to developing a photo contest. This is a nice way to help organize your ideas and help to make your contest run very smoothly, with little to no problems.

Is Facebook just a popularity contest?

I have facebook, I wouldn't really define it as a popularity contest. I have over hundred friends but that because of extra curricular activities, school, and moving around. I slowly gained friends... Read More »