How can I get in-state tuition for Arizona?

Answer live in az for a year...or just lie and say you have lived there

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If i move to Arizona will my tuition at my UC (univer, Cal) go up?

Ariana, this is not so easy to answer. My sister is a law student at UCLA, started last Fall semester. Our family is multi-generational Arizonans, and I called up home in northern Arizona, and my f... Read More »

How much is tuition at Grand Canyon University, Arizona?

As of 2009, the cost of undergraduate tuition at Grand Canyon University in Arizona is: $687.50 per credit if you are taking one to 11 credits, $8,250 if you are taking a block of 12 to 18 credits,... Read More »

How to Establish Residency & Pay In-State Tuition at Jacksonville State University?

Jacksonville State University is located in the eastern part of Alabama. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate-level programs in a wide range of disciplines. Online classes are also... Read More »

Does owning land in another state qualify one for in-state college tuition?

Nope. I think the rules vary by state but I'm sure that you always have to demonstrate permanent residency for at least the past year or 2.