How can I get in-state-residency for UIC after I pay out-of-state for one year?

Answer Almost impossible at UIC. You have to live in Illinois for a year, and they do allow you to use the time which you were going to UIC, unless you were living in a residence hall. You have to earn ... Read More »

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How to Establish Residency & Pay In-State Tuition at Jacksonville State University?

Jacksonville State University is located in the eastern part of Alabama. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate-level programs in a wide range of disciplines. Online classes are also... Read More »

Virginia State Residency Requirements?

According to the College Board, colleges and universities in Virginia require students to pay out-of-state tuition if they cannot prove that they are residents of the state. The tuition for out-of-... Read More »

How do I determine residency for state income tax?

Know Your State's Residency LawsRead the laws of the state where you have lived and worked for a large portion of the year regarding actual residency or legal residency . Each state has a specific ... Read More »

Residency Requirement for Financial Aid in Washington State?

Under Washington law, eligibility for in-state tuition and financial aid is restricted to Washington residents or qualified exemptions to the resident requirement. The benefits of in-state tuition ... Read More »