How can I get help to pay overdue property taxes?

Answer Property taxes are a necessary evil for any homeowner. These monies go toward road construction, trash pick up, schools and fire/police departments in any city. As with most payments, being late ... Read More »

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How Can I Check to See if I Have Overdue Property Taxes in Ohio?

In Ohio, property taxes are due and payable twice a year just as in most states. Failure to pay property taxes when due can eventually result in the property being foreclosed on and sold at a sheri... Read More »

Can a hoa file a lien for overdue fees on foreclosed property?

Yes. Your association's attorney can help you file the lien and position the lien -- if allowed by your governing documents, or state law -- as a priority lien, so that when the property is sold, t... Read More »

Financial Help for Paying Property Taxes?

Every state taxes real property. Most states offer certain classes of property and certain classes of taxpayers tax exemptions or credits to reduce or help pay property tax. Beyond that, property o... Read More »

Where can I get help paying my property taxes so I do not lose my home?

Property taxes are a requirement in most jurisdictions when you own property. Regardless of whether it's a home, a warehouse or a business office, property taxes will be due twice a year to your co... Read More »