How can I get glue off my mouse?

Answer 1st of all sry2nd of all...use a lil warm water...leave da rat, careful doan kill him, leave it in dere for some tymn use a butter nife to carefully scrap off the glue

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How to Get Glue from Mouse Trap off Cat?

Have you ever bought one of those glue mouse trap only to find that your zany cat happened to get stuck in it? Here's how to get all the glue off the cat.

How do I remove mouse glue from carpet?

Removing the GlueSlowly peal the trap away from the carpet. If you remove the trap with a slow and steady movement, very little glue should stay on the carpet fibers. Coat the area where glue is st... Read More »

How to Remove Mouse Glue From Car Seats?

Spills and stains on interior upholstery are a fairly common problem for the average car owner. Among the more difficult types to remove are glue stains. It is rather inconvenient to have to worry ... Read More »

Disposing of a live mouse in a glue trap?

If I came across this, I would carefully scoop the glue trap, into a trash bag and tightly seal, and double bag it..Throw in the trash.They will be dead in minutes,Clean right away, to keep kill ge... Read More »