How can I get financial aid when my parents didn't file taxes?

Answer I would definitely contact a financial aid representative and ask them how to go about this. I'm sure your parents are not the first ones to do this. Also, are you in a position to be emancipated f... Read More »

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Do You Have to File Taxes to Get Financial Aid for College?

The need to file an income tax return depends on your circumstances. Completed tax returns help assist in determining your eligibility for student aid and should be submitted with your application ... Read More »

How to File a Teen's Taxes With Her Parents?

Your teen's first job gives her a taste of the financial independence that comes with earning her own money -- and paying taxes. If a teen doesn't claim an exemption from payroll taxes, the federal... Read More »

I got my belly peirced but i didnt tell my parents and its infected.?

First suggestion, tell your parents so that you may get the proper attention from a doctor.Second suggestion, go back to the location that pierced it for you so that they may take a look at it and ... Read More »

Do parents have any contorl over what there child buy if the didnt give you money to buy it?

YES you are their child and their responsiblity and they dont want u spending ur money on STUFF that u dont need coz rthen when you grow up you wont have the money you need"they are only trying to ... Read More »