How can I get financial aid if I want to go back to school full time?

Answer Fill out the FAFSA because you will get A LOT more money as an independent full time student. Also, schools use the FAFSA not only to determine your eligibility for federal funds, but also to deter... Read More »

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Re: Financial aid for school- I am a single mom, I want to go back to school.?

The people I've talked to make it sound absolutely impossible without going in debt with loans. The grants I've seen don't help much. However beware of the community colleges - and tiny ones - c... Read More »

Student in debt but want to go to school full-time?

Federal student loans, such as the Stafford and Perkins loans, do not require a credit check. If she receives both, she can get a maximum of $9,500 a year (assuming she's an undergraduate). If sh... Read More »

Can someone go to school full time while on workers compensation or temporary disability for a back injury?

How many credits is a full-time student for financial aid eligibility?

To receive financial aid, a full-time credit load at a traditional university in spring or fall semesters is generally 12 credit hours or more, with 15 hours considered a full load. Summer semester... Read More »