How can I get enough money to buy a MacBook pro?

Answer If you have any crafting skills you could try selling this on and when the time gets closer and you've saved up some cash sell the pc you use now and that should give you some money for a... Read More »

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Im 13 and im trying to earn money for a Macbook Laptop?

Just wait for the next gift giving holiday. I saved up for a computer when I was your age. It took two years. Besides, it's not worth getting a mac at your age. Unless somehow, you're already worki... Read More »

Would you say that the latest MacBook Air is worth the money or should I get something else?

No. The MacBook Air is the one Mac that I strongly recommend against buying for anyone--even for people who fly a lot. The MacBook Pro or, if you're willing to get a desktop, the iMac or even the... Read More »

Does the Macbook pro worth the money you paid for it?

sorry, I don't know, I got an HP ...take it easy dude, DTBsalu2!!!

Is Apple's macbook air really worth getting Does it trump the $2,499 model macbook pro?

It really depends on your need. The MacBook Air truly is a portable computer that is probably best for someone who wants something portable to travel with or to do light computing tasks. Bear in mi... Read More »