How can I get black crayon off my computer screen?

Answer I would try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (barely damp) or an Art Gum eraser (check at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, etc). If it is a flat screenn be VERY gentle - an old glass monitor is pretty ... Read More »

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Today my computer screen went of centered so half my screen is black how do i fix it?

The display has been altered or the resolution is off set...I need you to do as follows:Press F8 when you start the computer and select start in safe mode. Safe mode uses 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz so you s... Read More »

Why has my computer screen gone almost black?

press FN and Up Arrow repeatedly see if it helps.

My computer screen is black.?

look at you. judging the computer because of it's color....ooh, you're on your brothers computer? hmm i suppose because its WHITE huh?

Computer screen goes black.?

i have the same issue with my computer i was playing my game alliance of valiant arms and i was in mid game the screen went black i could still fire my guns and here everything that was going on bu... Read More »