How can I get bigger/muscular arms, best answer 10 points?

Answer To get larger muscles you need large weight. High weight, low repetition is what gives people bigger muscles while low weight high rep gives the muscle tone. To get those bigger arms you'd want abo... Read More »

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How big are my arms best answer 10 points?

Any network engineers want to answer a few simple questions for 10best answer points Basically interviewing u?

What duties do you do in this current job?My current job profile is to handle Technical problems related to hardware & networking. It includes Operating System installation, application installatio... Read More »

Cut knee on glass please answer fast10 points first answer!!! please!!!!?

1- get a tissue/cotton ball2- put a small ammount of hydrogen peroxide/wound disinfectant (i.e band-aid antiseptic wash) on it3- gently dab the cut4- put some guas or a bandage/band-aid over it5- r... Read More »

Important question please answer BEST ANSWER FULL POINTS!?

don't be afraid to smile but if you really don't want to just smile without showing your teeth,as for your hair it should be worn down but out of your face like a half up half down kinda thingyou c... Read More »