How can I get better reception on my digital T.V.?

Answer You can ADD an RF amplifier to increase the signal strength, but if that doesn't help, you are going to NEED a rooftop antenna....http://www.antennaweb.orgGood luck with that RF amp.....

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Why has tv reception been changed to digital?

It provides the public a much picture and sound plus the government stands to make some money. Analog was very old technology.

Is cable-ready the same as digital reception for a tv?

Cable-ready is not the same as digital reception for a television. Older televisions are cable-ready, but not capable of receiving a digital signal without a converter box. New televisions are both... Read More »

Can an analog TV antenna be used for digital reception?

Digital TV signals are broadcast over the same frequencies as the older analog NTSC system. Since they use both the VHF and UHF bands, analog antennas that serve either or both of these frequency b... Read More »

Digital TV Antenna Reception Tips?

Any outdoor or indoor antenna with UHF and VHF frequencies can bring in free digital TV channels when connected to a digital converter box or a television with built-in digital tuner. Digital TV b... Read More »