How can I get better reception on my XM radio?

Answer XM Radio is a satellite base radio, which is subscription based and transmits from two satellites orbiting the earth. This service was launched in 2001. One popular feature of XM is the ability to ... Read More »

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How to Improve the Reception of My Car FM Radio?

It can be very frustrating to lose the reception on your car radio during your favorite song or at a crucial moment in a news bulletin. Improving your car radio reception can improve the quality of... Read More »

How do I boost reception of a radio?

Acquire an active AM radio antenna to amplify the signal for the channel you choose. The antenna will also bring in interference or noise, so you need to relocate your radio away from electrical eq... Read More »

Can poor radio reception be caused by window tint?

Metalized window tints may interfere with AM radio reception if the radio antenna is on the glass of the rear window. Cutting a seam into the window tint can fix the problem.References:Tint Dude: A... Read More »

How do you get good FM reception from an IHome ipod radio thing?

Refer from "Ziny":Here's an idea which I tried on my Creative Zen Microphoto to improve the radio reception. This method should help a... Read More »