How can I get back my photos...accidently deleted ALL of them on phone/sd card?

Answer First of all, do not save any new file to camer's memory card.Take out memory card, and connect it to computer using a card reader. You should see memory card shown as a drive letter (like H:) in W... Read More »

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Is there anyway you can get back any pictures/videos back thats deleted off your memory card on your camera?

The best you can do is use a recovery program, that may do it.However in the mean time don't use this card at all. Buy another card for the mean time.Just Google for "photo recovery" or use the li... Read More »

I accidentally deleted 13 pics from my sd card and need them back but don't really want to spend $70 for a prg?

Try the free program Recuva at - it solved a similar problem for me.

How do you get old apps back if you deleted them?

Is it possible to get old e-mails back that u have deleted( please help)?