How can I get a student private loan having really bad credit?

Answer It will be harder than getting a home loan...Unless you have some assets or a co-signer to secure the loan.First things first : improve your credit score, then ask for a loan.Have you tried your ba... Read More »

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Can I get a Private student loan w/o a co-signer w/ No credit history?

I asked a similuar question and got 2 answers... Fafsa. I know that's probably not helpfull, but if you do get a good answer please let me know!! Good luck, it seems that we both may need it :P

Is there a way that i can get a private student loan if i have bad credit & no cosigner?

As long as you have some credit, good or bad, you stand a chance at getting a student loan. However, with poor credit and no cosigner, your interest right will be very high. If you definitely canno... Read More »

I have a credit score of 637. Will I qualify for a private student loan?

You should find one here :…Good luck !

Is there any way to receive a private student loan w/out having a job or cosigner I only need around$6,000?

no it's not possible unless you have a cosigner. even if you get a job, it has to pay $20k/year to get a loan without a cosigner.