How can I get a slimmer waistline?

Answer A slimmer waistline can boost your confidence and improve the way you appear in clothes. Sadly, dropping weight from the midsection is no easy task, and several factors can slow your progress. Howe... Read More »

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Where is a man's waistline?

A man's waistline is located just above the hip bone. The belly button is often used as a guide and commonly referred to as the start of the waistline; however, this can occasionally differ depend... Read More »

Where do you measure your waistline?

The waistline should be measured at the iliac crest, the curved top of the hipbone. Located underneath the rib cage, the iliac crest typically lies at the same level as the navel.Source:MSN Health ... Read More »

How to Create a Waistline?

The waistline is an area of the body that is often associated with the "spare tire." This is a layer of fat that resembles a tire that wraps its way around the mid section of the body. It generally... Read More »

What is an empire waistline?

An empire waistline refers to a garment where the waist sits directly below the bust line. Women with a pear-shaped body look best in clothes with an empire waist, because an empire waist emphasize... Read More »