How can I get a loan if I'm unemployed with bad credit?

Answer The cold hard truth is that it is hard to get a loan with good terms through traditional lenders if you are unemployed with bad credit. The reason for this is obvious. Lenders are in business to ma... Read More »

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How can I get a student loan or help pay for school while unemployed and bad credit?

The guaranteed student loan program (Stafford Loan) is run by the federal government. The loan is not based on credit history or indebtedness or employment. You borrow the funds to pay for school a... Read More »

Where can I get a student loan with bad credit and a co-signer who has fair credit?

Bad credit is one of the worst problems to have... however there exists a solution.I will hereby talk from my personal experience.I did debt consolidation a couple of years ago, however If I had to... Read More »

How Can I Get a Loan or Grant if I'm Unemployed?

Getting a loan or grant while unemployed depends a lot on your overall financial situation. People with other forms of regular income, such as monthly retirement pay, may easily qualify for loans w... Read More »

How to Get a Car Loan With No Credit or Bad Credit?

A lot of people want to know whether it is true that getting a car loan is easier with No Credit than Bad Credit. First of all, what exactly is a No Credit and Bad Credit loan? A Bad Credit implies... Read More »