How do i free space on a Playstation 3 hard drive?

Answer As you download more games, music and files onto your Playstation 3 hard drive, you will find yourself with very little room for more. Freeing up a little space on your PS3 hard drive is pretty sim... Read More »

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How to Play Playstation 2 Games on a Playstation 3 Console?

The original PS3 systems that were released (60GB and 20GB) and some of the later-released 80GB systems were fully backwards compatible. This means that they were able to play PS2 games. Sony stopp... Read More »

Is it possible to play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

Only three models of the PlayStation 3 console support backwards compatibility. Compatible models include the 80GB model number CECHE01, the 60GB model number CECHA01, and the 20GB model number CEC... Read More »

Does an 80 GB PlayStation 3 system play PlayStation 1 games?

All Sony PlayStation 3 consoles of all hard-drive sizes are not backwards compatible. They do not play games for either the original PlayStation or the PlayStation 2. They do play Blu-Ray movies an... Read More »

Can I play Dr. Muto for PlayStation 2 on the PlayStation 3 console?

The only Playstation 3 systems which support backwards compatibility are the 20 GB, the 60 GB and the 80 GB, which came out in August 2007. Most Playstation 2 games will play, though some may run w... Read More »