How can I get a 40 inch vertical leap?

Answer Athletes who play sports that require them to leap into the air, such as basketball or football, are always looking to get an edge by improving their vertical leap. A 40-inch vertical leap is a dif... Read More »

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How to Increase Your Vertical Leap?

A strong vertical leap can help you excel in several sports - including basketball, gymnastics and volleyball - as well as improving your overall athleticism. Here's how to train toward one.

What is the highest running vertical cat leap?

A cat can jump up to seven times the height of her tail, and she can jump five times higher than her own height. Certain factors--such as the animal's weight, size, health and motivation for jumpin... Read More »

What is the highest vertical leap recorded in sports?

Kadour Ziani, a basketball player with the traveling group Slamnation, achieved the highest recorded vertical leap at 60 inches. Other professional athletes have tried to come close to that mark, i... Read More »

Which professional athlete has the highest vertical leap in the world?

Kadour Ziani is believed to be the professional athlete with the highest vertical leap in the world. Ziani, who has hit 60 inches with his vertical leap, was actually a professional soccer player b... Read More »