How can I gain tons of weight?

Answer EAT .... its quite simpleeat as much as you possible can healthy foods which are full of good fatspeanut butter unsalted nutsprotein shakes meat salmon steak olive oil mashed potato and then eat t... Read More »

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How can a girl gain weight if she only weighs 91 pounds and is very skinny and she wants to gain weight but can't seem to?

answer eat a healthy diet with three balanced meals a day exercise to get muscle. but some people will never put on weight it is just the way they are. however i know a girls that says she cannot p... Read More »

How many tons does a train engine weight?

Yard engines can go 130 tons or so, while road engines usually tip the scale at 200 to 210 tons each.One must keep in mind, the frame is the only standard equipment, with the purchaser picking the ... Read More »

Are protein meal bars for weight loss or for weight gain?

Protein bars are for protein. It's the perfect snack for bulking ( trying to gain weight ) and a great food to eat an hour before the gym to give you energy for your workouts. Typically I never tou... Read More »

Brown rice: weight loss or weight gain?

Weight loss! Just been told by a nutritionist that its much better than white and can be used as part of a healthy diet.