How can I gain 20 poundsin 3 months?

Answer Honey have you been checked for hyperthyroidism? You say you eat all the time but dont gain weight, have the doc check you for anything that could be causing that first, if you havent already. DONT... Read More »

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How can I gain more muscle in a few months?

Every day is probably too much. Muscles only grow when they're resting. You probaby should cut back to 3-4 days/week. If you're not making gains that's probably why. Nitrocut looks okay but nothing... Read More »

How Much Muscle Should I Gain in Four Months?

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Ok so I lost 30 lbs in 2.5 months I would like to gain it back ASAP . HELP , HELP!?

Soda pop will fatten you up pretty fast, & is a lot cheaper than what you suggest. You could be obese in just a few months with as little as a 32 oz drink per day.

Is it normal to gain only 2 pounds and not show when you are 4 months pregnant?

AnswerI have met a girl that was six months pregnate almost 7 months,5"5 in height,and about 110 pounds, and nobody in our class knew she was pregnate until she said something and we all couldn't b... Read More »